Handmade Goat Milk Soap

Made in small batches on our farm in Travelers Rest, South Carolina

Goodness Perfected by Nature

You shouldn't have to choose between soaps that smell good, and soaps that are good for you. Our goat milk soaps are made with your skin, your body, and your family in mind. With 25% goat milk in each bar of our goat milk soap, your body is drinking a sigh of relief from head to toe (ahhh). 

Pure & Simple
Essential Oil Goat Milk Soaps
Delightfully scented and wonderfully pure.
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What People Are Saying

I bought several bars and gave one to my sister who suffers from some type of skin issue. After using your soap she hasn't had a recurrance. Thanks!

Marti S., Greenville, SC

I've been using Red Clay Soap since I started radiation treatments and my oncologist was very pleased with the condition of my skin during treatment. I love the clean, soothing feeling after using the soap. Thank you Red Clay!

Cynthia D., Metter, GA

Thrilled to be stocking up again! Your soaps have changed my world for the better!

Christina B., Greenville, SC

I just started using this treasure and I love it! I have used it on my face as I have dry skin and over the counter things aren't working for me. Thanks!

Darlene M., Hendersonville, NC

We have been trying to remedy a large patch of eczema on my toddler's face for months and was willing to give your soap a try. Needless to say, now we are HOOKED and switching from baby shampoo to any of these bars. They have completely cleared her face. Now my husband and I are sold as we have noticed a dramatic difference in our skin, too. Thank you!

Leslie L., Simpsonville, SC

I have not used another soap since my first bar, not even shampoo! It is clean, pure and delightful!

Kay D., Travelers Rest, SC


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