Handmade Goat Milk Soap

Made in small batches on our farm in Travelers Rest, South Carolina

Goodness Perfected by Nature

You shouldn't have to choose between soaps that smell good, and soaps that are good for you. Our goat milk soaps are made with your skin, your body, and your family in mind. With 25% goat milk in each bar of our goat milk soap, your body is drinking a sigh of relief from head to toe (ahhh). 

Pure & Simple
Essential Oil Goat Milk Soaps
Delightfully scented and wonderfully pure.
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What People Are Saying

Your Oatmeal Honey soap is PERFECT for my baby. Makes her skin and hair SO soft and no more eczema! Thank you, she was miserable! If your baby suffers from eczema and/or what the peds call “normal baby acne” I highly recommend this soap.

Kasie Jo A., Greenville, SC

I am loving your soap. I noticed almost all the bumps that I had on the backs of my arms are gone and I have had them since I was a child!! I hate lotion so I've always had dry skin. With your soap, my skin is hydrated and I don't even need lotion. Thanks!!

Rebecca A., Seneca Falls, NY

I bought the Rosemary Mint for my 16 year old son's acne; within the week he told me, "Mom, I don't know what's in that soap you gave me but it's clearing my skin. Can you get some more?" I now keep him stocked up. My favorite is the French Clay!

Robin E., Travelers Rest, SC

Each bar is just as much a delight as the next. They provide unparalleled moisturization and long-lasting aroma after use. We no longer purchase shaving gels/creams because it's great for shaving. We use it as a shampoo and even on our two short-haired Dachshunds. 

Crystal W., Greenville, SC

My Mom gave me a bar of Sleepytime- she said give it a try, you’ll never use anything else…also  wash your hair with it! I was very reluctant to use a bar of soap without adding conditioner, but I took the bar and washed head to toe. I couldn’t believe how soft my hair was!

Deb S., Susquehanna, PA

Now that I exclusively use Red Clay Soap, I have eliminated purchasing shampoo and shaving cream.  I think even my razor blades last longer.  No more chemicals being absorbed through my skin. My hair and skin feel great. This is an excellent product.

Jeff C., Marietta, SC


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