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What People are Saying About our Goat Milk Soap

As a law enforcement officer, I spend 12+ hours at a time in body armor. Using Red Clay Soap at the end of the day takes away the itching and rash. I have used plenty of other soaps, but Red Clay hands down is the best!

Sgt. Ben S.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the soaps! I started using the Sleepytime for my hair and absolutely love how silky and shiny my hair is - don't even use conditioner anymore. Totally AMAZING!

Claire W.

Your Oatmeal Honey soap is PERFECT for my baby. Makes her skin and hair SO soft and no more eczema! Thank you, she was miserable! If your baby suffers from eczema and/or what the peds call “normal baby acne” I highly recommend this soap.

Kacie Jo A.

We had been trying to remedy a large eczema patch on my toddler’s face for months and were willing to give one of your bars a try. Needless to say we are HOOKED, and switching from “all natural” baby shampoos to any of the Red Clay bars I’ve used completely cleared her face - something not even the prescription creams could do. Now my husband and I are sold on all the benefits, too!

Lelsie L.

Every winter I have the worst dry skin, so this year I tried the Aloe & Green Tea and it has been a complete game changer. So grateful we found this amazing soap! We will never use anything else!

Alysha H.

Customers often ask me which perscriptions or over-the-counter products to use for various skin conditions. As someone who suffers from psoriasis, the best result I've ever witnessed is my own clear skin after using Red Clay. The patches along my hairline have decreased in size which dramatically decreased the flaking and eliminated the itching entirely. My entire family now uses this handmade soap!

Chris O.

My Mom gave me a bar of Sleepytime- she said give it a try, you’ll never use anything else…also  wash your hair with it! I was very reluctant to use a bar of soap without adding conditioner, but I took the bar and washed head to toe. I couldn’t believe how soft my hair was! Mom was right! And being from northeast Pennsylvania, dry skin won’t be a problem with Red Clay Soap!

Deb S.

I have suffered from eczema and psoriasis since I was 2. When I went to Mexico recently, going in and out of the ocean and the pool in the heat was so hard on my skin; however, using Red Clay Soap restored the softness and prevented breakouts and flareups while in such a harsh environment. I highly recommend it!

Brandon T.

This wonderful soap has kept my 3 year-old son's eczema in check for the past year now! The scents are delicious and the customer service is amazing. What a great product...I'm very happy to have found you!

Sara G.

It's not a good thing when you're a piano teacher and have skin cracks around your fingernails. Enter Red Clay Soap...after using this stuff twice a day it worked it's magic- no cracks! It's insane! In the past I've tried a special cream from my dermatologist and it did not give me the results like I got from Red Clay. Time to order more for me and my sister-in-law in New Mexico!

Jess F.

Our niece gave us two bars as an early Christmas gift and we love them!  I am 64 years old and I don't even have to use lotion anymore. Thank you!

Charnell S.

I bought Red Clay Soap for my 13 year old son's acne. It has completely cleared his face. It works better than the advertised products on TV. Our whole family has started using the soap now. My husband and I are both very allergic to fragrance soaps and usually use Ivory, but we have not had any trouble with Red Clay; in fact, my skin feels clean and conditioned after using it. Thank You Red Clay!

Julie M.

I first purchased your soap at the Roper Mountain Blueberry Festival. I was so pleased with it that I reordered and started trying different scents. I love chemical-free, natural products. My favorite is the Sleepytime for my energetic 5-year-old with eczema.

Misty W.

Used your soap for the first time; don't remember my skin feeling this smooth!! Thanks again!

Maureen S.

I picked up a bar of your soap at my local apothecary; to date, 8 members of my family now use your soap! But here's the best part: I have a dog that HAD problems with his skin and was losing his hair because of it. I had tried everything the vet had to offer and nothing worked. I decided to try your soap and within a month his skin began to clear up. The second month his hair started coming back. Now all of his problems have cleared up. I want to thank you for making such a wonderful soap. Your soap is truly good for my ENTIRE family.

Lee L.

I fell in love with Red Clay Soap after my first use. I was introduced to it by the makers when they brought it to the shelves of Tigerville General Store.  It makes your skin so soft and healthy so I use it on both my young children as well. We love all the scents!

Cierra H.

I love your goat milk soap! It performs wonderfully on my naturally curly hair without making it frizz or dry out. My skin no longer feels dry either and the scents are heavenly. Thanks for making such a great product!

Jill A.

I first purchased Red Clay Soap to support local business - I had no idea how much of a difference it would make. I've had acne and sensitive skin for as long as I can remember. I've used many other products over the years, but now my skin is finally much clearer, less oily and less itchy. I've tried different scents and they have the same results - fabulous skin! Thank you for making the product I've searched for nearly my whole life. I LOVE IT!

Melissa B.

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